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Understanding Subliminals

Eldon Taylor is just one of the many pioneers of this technology, a lot of what he developed came from previous sources, these technologies were almost certainly being tested before the first TV program ever aired and are deployed by the majority of corporate vendors. It is true this tech can be used to heal people, but what happens if it is used to do things less ethical? and to what extent has it been deployed in the entertainment industry along with other industries? As discussed earlier 50 years ago people would not be seen making a fool of themselves on TV now people que up to do so, we are told this is a change in time, well I am posing the question what has changed the time!?

The absolute saddest thing about this technology is not just the control of people but the way in which it can be used to erase memory... don't believe me? doesn't every hypnotist on TV tell the participant 'When I click my fingers you will wake up, you will not remember anything' how many of those participants remember?

We must understand human beings are the same under the skin, our brain is apart of a machine that records information throughout our lifetimes, the brain stores information to be retrieved in sequence, technologies developed from and before these studies have been used to disrupt that sequence, we can be made to remember from a set point in a presentation and forget everything before that. What use is that? I hear you ask.... ...It means we can have information injected into our belief systems without any logical interference. Our brain will lie to us until we are blue in the face about why we did something or why we think something and it can not accept any other reasoning unless we see the process of hypnosis taking place, for us humans seeing really is believing.

How does this effect me? Why do I care? The powers at be have the majority of the worlds population worshipping false idols, we have all been told that they are God, that they are able to do things we are not, our women have been told to love these people, our men have been told to act like these people and visa versa... who is doing it.. well who do you hear are like gods? who do people 'Love' who are we told to give tribute to through peer pressure? yes the 'owners' of these people, the studios top producers ect. The picture below has not been edited, it is a photo of a children's Christmas calendar first produced 2011 this one was bought in 2012, new versions were also released that year, the tip of the iceberg can be seen between santa's eyes, there is much more symbology packed into this one frame than is worth talking about here.
Please right click this image, select view image then zoom in one click to give yourself a good chance at seeing it. Did you see it? for kids? really? I could speak at length of the hypnotic state people have been in when being showed this, a police officer remarked 'Yes it would be illegal IF IT WAS SOMEWHERE KIDS COULD SEE IT' I had to remind him it was a Christmas calendar, he suggested that I should write to Kraft-Cadbury, I laughed. The real question is why? Why do this if subliminals are illegal as some school teachers wrongly claim, why do this if subliminals don't work as some scholars claim... it's simple, it's just another small chance to make us more controllable to keep us acting like dumb animals by centering our energies where our animal instinct exists, to keep us thinking of sex in a Freudian sense rather than just the act of, to make us obey to the peer pressure and adhere to the social groups laid out for us. It is not a case of sex sells, it's a case of redirecting our energies to stop proper coherent meaningful thought and to promote dim witted behavior in search of acceptance. Some may disagree with this statement, it doesn't matter, what matters is that companies appear to be ruthless in effecting our decisions and it's the big boys who are the worst. Please remember this calendar was in association with the 'Make a Wish Foundation' who have close links with Disney, long story short all of our fav's and beloved have been messing with our minds and our kids since day one and our minds will run around to defend them from this fact whilst we work and forget our lives away. As of 2013, Kraft have said goodbye to their 'New Chocolate Characters', wonder why?

If this is what is done in one frame, imagine 30 frames per second in HD with audio both inside and outside of human hearing range, imagine taking all that is globally known of human psychology, beliefs, character types, shape energy, Sacred Symbols, numerology, demonology, voodoo and hypnosis then imagine how much you could mess with some ones mind then tell them to remember all subliminals but remember this last subliminal first but not now 8 months ago 'whats that' (you ask) 'I CAN'T REMEMBER' the powers of these presentations are worse than an atomic bomb as it causes man to exist in a dummed down state of forgetfulness mistake and jumbling whilst we destroy our earth, bitch about each other and carry on as if everything is ok and we just want to laugh. There can be no true justice whilst this technology is in use nor can we assume freedom of thought. A tell tell sign of these technologies being used on yourself is memory loss and saying your first word last and your last word first. If you are into TV and Corporate music try staying away from it just for a few weeks of your life and see how quickly your thinking clears, if you do not indulge in these corporately perpetuated 'pleasures' but you do not believe this text, try watching soaps or listening to corporate radio music and note the effects on your performance, memory, clarity of thought and general stress and mood levels also notice the types of thoughts you have and how much you begin to crave these 'pleasures', the worst subliminal of all is "it doesn't effect me, I am 'normal'". Ask yourselves if these techniques are ineffective, why bother spend money using them. If this hasn't given you enough to think about please visit SSSS to get an idea of what our psycho scientists and beloved companies have been up to.

It is important to remember that even the US congress was heavily opposed to subliminal advertising, that is until the leading advertising company gave a presentation to congress, after which the laws against subliminals were dropped! ITC used to have it as a written regulatory responsibility, bear in mind they only had three months to check any suspicious material, they have since become Ofcom and removed this responsibility from their books, this type of technology has NO real laws NOR regulations. I'd like all readers to remember how our belief systems can be effected how some people are looked at as though they are gods, how religion and spirituality as well as emotional intelligence has been under threat whilst SONY proudly use the slow-gun "Make Believe"! as they aim to keep us entertained. Please join Busta $ Sceen who is running a campaign to once again establish subliminal advertising/influencing as a potentially harmful and illegal act.

Progressive awareness

The following is an extract from the Progressive Awareness Site

His right hand pointed to a picture related to one that had been flashed in his right visual field (to the left hemisphere), and his left hand pointed to a picture related to one that had been flashed in his left visual field (to the right hemisphere).
Consider how the subject interpreted these double responses:
"When a snow scene was presented to the right hemisphere
and a
chicken claw was presented to the left,
he quickly and dutifully responded correctly by choosing a picture of a chicken from a series of four cards with his right hand and a picture of a shovel from a series of four cards with his left hand. The subject was then asked, "What did you see?" "I saw a claw and I picked the chicken,
and you have to clean out the chicken shed with a shovel."
In trial after trial, we saw this kind of response.

The left hemisphere could easily and accurately identify why it had picked the answer, and then subsequently, and without batting an eye, it would incorporate the right hemisphere's response into the framework. While we knew exactly why the right hemisphere had made its choice, the left hemisphere could merely guess. Yet, the left did not offer its suggestion in a guessing vein but rather a statement of fact as to why that card had been picked."
(Springer and Deutsch, 1981).

The Below is another example you will not believe unless you try it. Both A and B on the chess board are exactly the same colour. Use paint like I have to edit a 'screen shot' (prt sc on you'r keyboard) to take B out of the context of the chess board.

So how does this effect us?:

I had kinda noticed this going on but like everybody just thought it was the way it was. I have heard many people talk about the scope of the problem but have never known ANYBODY to tell the true depth of the problem as Busta $ Sceen has.

The below does not talk about FEMA camps but his statement is worth sharing.

The Below was a video done by somebody in a white room on a chair with no copyright infringement visible or audible,
The chap spoke of the VA Hospital in ANN ARBOR and the 'Mind Control' experiments going on there, he seemed genuine and
just like an ordinary person giving his view, he was convicted and willing to speak out, he seemed pretty sure, I know
unbelievable right? Well these things have to happen somewhere. Maybe 'whgh1' will explain their copyright claim.

The Below was a video about Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), the host took us through and explained some of the
signs and language used to embed opinions into watchers of news broadcasts, although these techniques are fairly
obvious his video really slowed things down so that the NLP was justifiably emphasized, the uploader of this video had his account shut down however, check out: NLP The 'Positive' side

Below is an extract from Zeitgeist (worth reading Zeitgeist on this site)

From the masters of war?

Click here for more or if you think the above is out of context

And for those who thought we left out the Chemtrails Here They Are remember folks of faith to ask God to bless and deal with these.

I did chop the end off the below video but it took ages to upload (divine intervention perhaps)Here's my reasons for wanting to chop off the end

The guy below makes some good points and has some good information, worth checking out and considering in my opinion, it's an 8 part talk with some outline info.

More on FEMA Minister Paul Keeps It REAL

This guy's a little sharp, again it's all about coming together. He does have some good points though but remember Robert's application of truth may help those who lack faith in God, however his way MAY remove peoples rights to govern their own country.

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