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I will quickly explain a common concept of The Father that is usually agreeable to non believers. A person on their own has a growing, living consciousness. Two people working in harmony with each other have an extended consciousness, the consciousness of the family in harmony is more than that of the two. In each of the people in the family there are cells, different types for different jobs, each with its own consciousness, each with its own purpose, when combined it makes each person. Plants and animals also contain cells, the consciousness of the earth is of all that is born from it, we are all made from the earth from the time our mother eats food made from the earth and it is fed to us. If you add up the consciousness of all that exists in the universe, the spirit world, the insect world, Jupiter, Mars, other Galaxies ect. You become aware of the possible consciousness of The Father having its nerve system flow deeper than the genes in our DNA, is it naive to see what is below is also above? can we deny the family in harmony work and are conscious as a family?

That being said, if we also quickly evaluate the idea of The Father being everywhere and the creator of all things, it may help us agree to call the delluminati by their deserved rather than preferred name. We live in a universe of causality, nothing happens on its own, it needs to be willed to happen, it may appear that things happen on their own when really the stage had been set for it to happen long before it does. It's possible that spirits move stuff, this is not things happening on their own, when a tree drops a leaf it is for the benefit of the tree, there is a cause, a reason and a purpose for it happening, quote 'At first things seem random then the patterns become clear'. This poses the question, well if everything has a cause what caused everything, the answer is that which was not caused, that which is outside of time, that which has no beginning and no end, that which is, has been and always will be, that which breathes the spirit of life into us and draws it back to itself at an appropriate time, that which many today call God or The Father or many other names, every culture in the past has had some kind of understanding of this, this understanding has been lost by many today, it's a shame because this understanding brings us together towards a higher purpose.

Remember the big bang theory is one of many. It is based on the fact that the universe is expanding at a slowing rate so hence everything must have come from a center point and must have been propelled outwards with force. It's a fair theory, it does not take away from the idea of The Father in fact it adds to it as before 1921 atheist scientists were sure the earth had always been here, where as most faiths already knew there was a beginning. There are further philosophies which could be brought to debate but, nobody really knows, things could be moving away from each other because The Father sneezed, I trust the writers of ancient times, they seem wiser than we.

The Father is sometimes referred to as a 'void' or stillness or center point of balance, this is to say that all things come from him, all things have a duality a + and a - (even in the + and - there are ++ +- -- -+) in a similar way to how there is matter and anti matter, The Father could be viewed as a pure light which is reflected outward and back to its center through itself. From this pure light, two types of light can be distinguished, one is the light light, what we think of as light and the other is a dark light, not to be confused with darkness, darkness can not exist where there is light, however if an equal dark light and light light existed together they would void each other, their would not be what we know as light. If the dark light is brighter than the light light then the dark light will be perceived, if the light light is brighter then we have light.

The so called d - 'illuminati' if referred to at all, should be referred to as the delluminati or a bunch of brainwashed people as they have been imparted with knowledge, which causes them to exercise control in a way that is offensive to the natural flow of things, this causes wide spread problems all over the globe, they really do use witchcraft or what I prefer to label as voodoo, they have been touched with the dark light, this has given them knowledge but no wisdom of how to use it, they have ignored the simple truths that lie within The Father and worship instead other god's, other creations of The Father. Their knowledge is poisoning them as they believe themselves to be the highest level of consciousness (They think they are their own gods). If you do not know about the Bohemian Grove please ask somebody about it, you may not want to watch the video's available on youtube as they are disturbing.

I ask all my brothers and sisters, if you do refer to this sect to please refer to them as the delluminati or even better, a bunch of especially brainwashed people. For those of you that don't believe in God, thanks for making it this far down the page, I am surprised, I know it's wordy but thanks. I would like you to consider again what is said in paragraph one and relate it to the idea of the collective unconscious, I know it's not quite the same but it's a similar idea and gives the idea of conciousness existing outside of time, also at 1:42 long this video of Jung is worth a watch.

Also I would like you to consider how people thousands of years ago fully grasped concepts that our scientist are just toiling with now and how those people, all those years ago knew things that we have only been able to prove now, I would also like you to consider that most if not all of those pre-historic people thanked God for their wisdom and knowledge, they explained him as the source of it. Who are we to question them when they demonstrated knowledge and wisdom greater than most today, even top scientists end up attaining to the same conclusions. Maybe just maybe they were right?
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