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We Know that the majority of people have sensible ideas on how simple things should be ran and feel robbed by those in charge. If you are not happy with your representatives, wherever you live, even if you do not believe everything we offer here, we need you to stand up for your rights, for your voice for governance to help those like you.

Most of us know that a small group of people who have a lot of money are trying to conquer the world behind and in front of the scenes, we know that they guide the majority of Research and Development around the world and if they want a study saying lead is beneficial they will get it.

For those of you that do not know about this, please listen to the Kennedy speech and then see what you think.

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Remember Kennedy asked the media for help, some did, however the media at large had other loyalties and soon went back to normal which is no more apparent than today, the media has successfully crushed nations of strong men who now say 'I can't do anything about it' and 'As long as me and my family are Ok that's all I care about' it seems the media through methods spoke of later has destroyed that strong child that said 'I want to make the world a better place'.

We know these 'conquerors' get money from war (they own the weapons companies) they get money from illness (they own the drugs companies) and they get money from entertainment, prisons, riots, education, transport and everything else... depressing right? well not really, having this knowledge gives us a little power to make informed decisions despite their attempts to make a 'Killing' off of us, we know that Organic food is far superior than non Organic, we know that since the introduction of Chemical Farming and mass production of processed food, cancer rates have increased exponentially and the more we look at what these people are trying to suppress, the more we can recognise the truth.

The good news for believers is that science continues to confirm that giving thanks for your food i.e. saying grace really does work.Dr Emoto

However, this does not mean it is a good idea to drink a bottle of bleach!

It is time to understand how and why the media has left us in a situation where we feel the need to feel good all of the time with a shallow nothing matters perspective, only ever trying to enjoy life whilst we and our families are being caught by destructive corruption.

There are those that don't care about the food they eat and this may offer some level of protection as their perception is that it is all food, however I would say to them, don't you and your children deserve the tastiest, healthiest food readily available for you if you want it? I also warn these people that all is not as it seems and special effort has been made, research has been carried out and political decisions have been agreed upon to cause harm to the masses. I know preposterous right? Well not really, Monsanto is just one; large chemical company that sells GM (Genetically Modified) stuff. In my opinion they are literally shoving seeds down the farmers necks and the whole farming industry right now is under attack by these few men at the top so as they can sell their produce and get money from substandard food. How do I know the food is substandard and why wouldn't Monsanto bother sue me for slander? because other than the heaps of scientific research supporting this statement, in their own cafe, for Monsanto's workers, Organic produce is enjoyed. Oh and there is


and This and This and it goes on

For those that have never tasted homegrown veg, trust me and all that have, it really is the best! Live like a king, do what you can.

Again I should assert that giving thanks and praise for your food really does work, if it doesn't change the physical matter it will allow the nasties to pass right through you.


There are many ways to make cheap affordable energy and there always has been, from water mills to geothermal technology.

The BBC clearly told the British nation that Hydroxy technology was known about as early as the 1800's, this technology of 'Brown's Gas' has been downplayed in our society, to the detriment of all the world's people. There is no need for nuclear fuel, surprised, you really shouldn't be, this is one of those things you have to see to believe. What an achievement! so without further delay


Watch more on Stan Meyer

Back to geothermal Basics and there is This or check out This or for something a bit more DIY check out This. The point is, if you are bored, educate yourself on this scene and get involved with those already involved, let us not let those who have been killed trying to bring this tech to us have died in vain, may The Father continue to bless their souls as they have blessed us, thank you.

Curable Cancer?

There is so much going on around this subject, I would be out of date by the time I had finished writing it, I accept for some, it may just be their time, however please check the information on keeping the body away from an acidic state, please read the food page on this site and take an open minded look at the stuff out there, such as Essiac.

Why Church Hurts

I have nothing against people gathering to express, talk about and indulge in their faith, however most so called churches are under the rule of wicked men, this is not to discourage truth or religion, it is simply to say We Know!

Although I can go on all day about what is happening in the world, the long and short of it is that a few people are making decisions on your behalf that are detrimental to you, your family and all your future decendants, you are not consulted on the matter and are being given no chance to have your say, this is why I ask that you join our mailing list, knowing your membership will express that you recognise something is wrong and you want to make the world a better place. Your details will not be sold or shared, we will not pester you with a multitude of e-mails.

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