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I use the title Anonymous, this has no affiliation with the Anonymous group conceived in 2003, I planned to use this title if I ever made music or art long before this group set up. I also use the title Anonymous Intellect, please do not see this as boastful, it is a way of distinguishing myself from the 'Anonymous group' allowing me to have a website (Anonymous.com is taken but not active), it does reflect my character as told to me by other people.

Now I should probably quickly explain for any critics out there that I go by 'Anonymous', not because I really fear repercussion but more so, to make clear that I am not trying to attain fame or even recognition, anybody could have said the things that I have said and many people already have, I am just echoing what I see as true, this is a collection of truths from many minds including my own and for me to put my name to it would just be wrong, besides I fancy myself to be a bit of a poet and all the best poems were written by Anonymous, right?

I have for a long time wanted to make some music but felt the time was not right, as I approached 22-23 things started happening that made it the right time for me to talk on tracks, for me the poetry is the most important part of my music not the music its self, I will warn you it is mostly in a rap/hiphop/dubstep style. The Mankind Album is the first Album I have ever worked on and is the first time I have tried to sing or use my voice, it was made with basic equipment i.e. a laptop and a cheap dynamic mic which has made the whole thing quite difficult and the end result less than professional however that being said, I hope at least some of the material is listenable to you :).

I am aware that for a man who calls himself Anonymous, I am talking about myself a lot, I just had those things to clear up about me, and now at least you know why I am who I am. Anonymous Intellect - A.I. - Artificial or Actual Intelligence? Maybe just an Anonymous Intellect? You decide.

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