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The Mankind Charity

What is it?

The Mankind Charity has been set up to accept funds and applications for funds from those who are able to give and who have a reason to receive.

We wan't you to know that your money will not be spent on salary, admin or running costs, 100% of the money will be kept for purposes that will be expressed before any expenditure, even if your just popping by, please drop us a pound.

(PayPal take 20p plus 3.4% for their service)

It's a charity account set up with paypal so it is safe and secure, somewhere for those who want to make the world a better place to give a small donation to help others of a similar mind.

The Mankind Charity has an opt out option whereby you can opt out of any particular cause i.e. send us an e-mail expressing your want not to have your donation spent on a particular project, and we will hold it back for something you feel is more worthy.

In the event of failure we will refund PAY PAL DONATIONS minus PayPal's charges.

We want to help www. Busta $ Sceen .com among others, we want to aid him in getting his voice tests, we feel that he deserves further tests on other artist's and deserves recognition for the songs he sang. His story gives truth to the history books that without him, would be missing. He's been through a lot and he has kept trying to inform us with many laughing in his face, dis-heartened he carried on. We also want to help him get his message out about the depths of the current situation, what you have seen so far could be said to cover some of the breadth of the problem but it's the depth of the problem that is unveiled through his story, we have worked closely with him and can say hand on heart, any man can be mistaken but that man is not lying. We will speak more about him later but for now please bare in mind the mankind moto.

'"In our search for truth, our ability to comprehend that greater than ourselves should be tested.. As we overstand the moments in which we exist, our empathy, compassion and humanity swells and until we do overstand such moments, we risk frustration through unknowing....""...Much work needs to be done, is being done and will be done. May not frustration lead those actions, rather human grace and Divine Justice.....". "...I say what I say with knowledge and tactile evidence...""....Time is constant but we can't stay to look at it all day...""....We seek those who care..."' -Anonymous

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