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As said before we need to come together so that we the people can organise and expand our projects. We may never all agree on some things but I think we all agree that the world could be a better place. It is not the time to be complacent every person makes up the whole and we need a whole lot of people.

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Water, Water everywhere, ohh look a drop to drink

A lot of information has come out over the last ten or so years bringing into question the quality of tap water. The truth is the best water on the planet comes from springs that flow with high quantities of water that comes from within the earth, this type of water is better than rain or even 'pure' water and was thought to have been drank by our ancestors, this water is commonly found at 'Holy Springs' or springs/wells that have been rumoured to have healing properties Find A Spring. For most of us, popping down to the local 'Holy Spring' to fill up water bottles is not an option so below is the next best step, of course believers in scripture know all things are good once one gives thanks and praise to The Father however we would still recommend the following for your homes.

Reverse Osmosis machines and water distillers are the best water filters widely available for domestic use, by this we mean they are far superior to Brita filters and others. There are many reasons not to drink tap water, one of the most shocking is that it calcifies the pineal which is a fantastic one that has been highly respected from the beginning of time. To find out more about this gland you need only type it into google, the point is there are many effects that we do not really notice in ourselves but can be seen clear as day with the right equipment or in other people, also if you do want to know why not to drink the water just check out the infomation available on fluoride, chlorine, and the amount of feaces and lead that's allowed in our water but for now we will leave you a link to the man who we buy our RO machines from incase you want one, Colins Water Products we only buy the cheap one (water distillers are preferred in fluorinated water areas).

Assalt Salt

That's right, the votes are in and leading scientists and nutritionists agree common table salt is just not good, the leaders of the world will probably never ban it but considering how acidic it makes your body, how highly processed it is and the nasties that come with it, we would recommend dropping table sludge and picking up Natural unrefined Sea Salts, we Know many of you do this already, if not, check out the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt or unrefined sea salt, let us know if you have a supplier you prefer. We use Himalayan sea salt as, 84+ of your 90+ minerals are in there, so a good water filter and some decent salt can really change your quality of life, we are not guaranteeing that because you have no lead in your water you will not suffer with bone and joint problems, we are not guaranteeing that because you eat decent salt you will live longer and with no nerve problems or blood preasure problems, we are just saying these things are a start! so why not, if you can not afford these things then remember, the best advice we have is to get in touch with that higher power to sanctify your food.

Food Page

There is much to be said for food, we will leave you to do your own research but basically the fresher and more natural the better every time, it's quite common sense. We will include a page on food later with some well known recommendations.

Less Stress

One factor that puts us off of current entertainment is its effects on kids, Prove it! we hear you ask, they're talking rubbish we hear you say?... Well check this out, a family friend has a young daughter who is exceptionally well behaved, one night they went to see the Lion King Play, the next day the child's behaviour was incomparable to anyway she had behaved before, the mother was confused but those that know this world well enough see this as an expected result of large scale entertainment. I (Anonymous) have personally taken up the challenge of not watching TV or playing video games since I realised the truth in Busta $ Sceen's Story which we will talk more on later but boy, there are so many differences I can not list them, I remember playing GT 4 and not only idolising some of the virtual cars on there but also driving in real life as if I was on the game, I am not asking my behaviour be excused by the game, I am just saying I felt an influence, the other thing is the news, once I stopped watching that, I realized how much it pounds into us that there are bigger people in the world and we can't do anything about it. Aside from this there are many whistle blowers now that worked in the music industry alongside many reputable, respectable people, who warn us that the industry is 1) Producing music with an aim to increase Crime
2) Producing music to increase satanic practices (Take an open minded look at whats said at 3 minute 30 Sec +)

3)Producing music/entertainment with the intention of modifying the behaviour of the masses.

Our point is this, although we could probably never convince some of you to chuck out your T.V's although of course we would recommend it, we would recommend that you watch as little as possible of it and enforce that with your children, try not to get wrapped up and let them get wrapped up in this corporate media, instead spend more time together as a family playing games, talking, doing arts and crafts or something other than watch what the old ones called 'The Devils Box'. Kid's are said to be one of the biggest stresses for people, stress is the biggest killer, try to stay cool and relaxed when it comes to your kids, the stress will take years off of you, it is not worth it, try to enjoy the little buggers as much as you can whilst they are still young, try to give them fond memories, please.

Please check out these links (we here do not endorse any videos other than our own on youtube, they are here for ease of reference, watch at your own risk), this is where it starts to get a bit 'heavy', these people are not talking rubbish, they would truly have to be mad to spend their time making these videos and then put their name/face to them, ask yourself are they joking or inventing something out of nothing or is there really something there that's not right? don't ignore it because it's different to what you have been told in the past, thanks.

Mafia Entertainment?
What our parents were raised on
More on the subject

Pill Loss

We would recommend like most nowadays that a person only takes conventional medicine when absolutely neccesary, stock up on Cloves for tooth aches, lemon and honey to avoid colds, for believers, keep your faith strong. Here is what I (Anonymous) can say with no doubt about some modern medicines:

I have three nan's that's right three, all three have been prescribed new blood pressure pills, two of my nans stopped taking the pill within a week or two of starting them as they developed pains in the joints, for these two nans the pain has cleared up and they are fine at the moment, my other nan has sadly been on the tablets for a while now and suffers from really bad pain in her joints, she can not stop the treatment as the doctors warn if she does she will die, there are many things that can lower blood pressure without the need for these pills Semi Contra and low sodium diets are just two, my point is whatever your ailment look for natural alternatives to the pills your doctor is offering, they may not think it will work, but who are they to say so? have they ever tried it? or studied natural alternatives? Most that have studied natural alternatives back them 100% and turn from pharmaceutical drugs.

Another superb plant we should all know about is Rooibos (Roy Boss) which makes a nice cup of tea, it supports pancreas function and thus can be used to treat early diabetes, this plant gets at the root of the problem rather than the symptoms, always be careful when trying the natural alternatives but do not be scared, be prepared to be amazed.

Happy Heads?

Lying in a dark room, a short sleep and massaging around the back and the rest of the head is often better at curing a headache than a pain killer is.
It's going to be hard for many people to accept this but along with dehydration we believe one of the main reasons for headaches is... wait for it.. yep watching T.V. If you take time to understand the message of this site and Busta $ Sceen you may get a clearer picture of why our corporately produced media is likely to give you a headache! literally. Try cutting it out (ALSO LCD'S), go back to living in 1930, go back to before the T.V., get in touch with nature and stop spending time with a box that is hell bent on lying to you and distracting you from real life, we are not against entertainment as such but if you haven't already, you will find we are not for the entertainment provided for us by the people at the top.

Education or Undercation

There are some courses out their namely in City Of Bristol College, England, that suggest to the students that juice from concentrate is pretty much as good as natural juice, if this was the case then the NHS would not advise cancer patients to drink only juice that is not from concentrate, and even the NHS do not express the importance of that juice being Organic, chemically farmed fruit juice could be a large contributer to cancer when we consider the findings of those that founded Salvestrols, we can not personally vouch for salvestrols although they do sit right with us, we are not for the idea of taking them as an dietary additive to prevent illness, we feel better quality food is a better way to go. Our point is that the university degree you are given (in some cases) can be closely related to a masonic degree, don't fall for their lies and misinformation, realise that vitamin C from synthetic source (or highly processed) has an unmeasurable amount of difference from that occuring in an orange, the synthetic stuff just doesn't have that life force it's just a lable, an orange is good for you 'Vitamin C' isn't. It is almost certain that all synthetic reproduction of so called vitamins have a short term positive effect and a long term negative, the natural alternative MAY take longer to work but will not bring the same negative responses.

That's Nuts

Nuts? yes soap nuts. They do not have the cleaning power of chemical detergent, nor do they have the nasty side effects, worth finding the time to use these where you can, you will enjoy the smell of your chemical detergent a lot less once you're used to these puppies, try mixing with a lil lemon oil for a great smell and added cleaning power. Research for the best price but here are two to get you started Shop 1 Shop 2.

Lemon oil is a great cleaning product, again get the best stuff you can afford and chuck out your bleach, it doesn't work, university professors DO agree, if you have mould, Tea Tree oil is waiting to become your new best friend, other oils have other household uses check em out.

Water Run, Run Water Run


Science Seen

This is a 'Sleepy' video, don't be destracted, it's the information in the early to middle part that interests us

Stand Strong!

Some people say petitions are a waste of time, it won't change anything and to some extent they may be right, however their are occasions when it is needed. Many people are scared to put their name to anything in case the men in black clock them, be prepared to stand for what you believe in, don't be overcome by fear.

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