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Food Glorious food!

Although this section is called food, I am going to deviate a bit from normal food to talk about Rick Simpson, a hero among men. Below should be a video made by him and his faithful associates and is well worth a watch, I must be honest, I know of two people who have tried the oil for a late stage 'terminal' illness without great success, I personally know it to have worked on cysts and warts, although there is no miracle cure other than for those that believe or are to believe but this is a good 'balancer' and may work for many. If illness is about you I would recommend destressing and moving towards a healthier lifstyle.

Ladies and Gents - Rick Simpson

Or how about a glass of juice Who would juice Keneh?

And just incase your local Keneh Bosom dealer isn't as generous as Mr Simpson, the below should help, DO NOT BUY THE TRADEMARKED ESSIAC, secrets of eden give me no commission and I wouldn't ask for any, they are outstanding, quick shipping, great value product.

Also Salvestrols can be bought from Practitionerchoice.co.uk please research carefully to find a trusted source in your area.


There is a debate (to some) as to whether Organic is better than Chemical. I grow fruit and veg and will always use Organic where possible, I used to use chemical fertilizers, there is too much of a difference to explain, you would have to try it for yourself, it just feels right, it smells right and trust me it tastes right too. But don't take my word for it, check out the Salvesterol Research as talked about earlier. UK Organic food is also not GM, if you haven't already, find out more about GM by checking out the links on our 'We Know' page.

Please bear in mind, modern chemical pesticides work against the benefits of Organic food.

For your kids and yourself please eat Organic when you can, thanks.

This is quite a good healthy cooking site with lots of alternatives :) Thanks Janae

PH Grate

A snip above Neutral PH i.e. PH 7.35-7.45 is best for the body, people have treated cancer by raising the PH of bodily fluid (saliva and urine) to around 7.5-8, this comes alongside finding that cancer patients usually have a low ph, some research has shown that cancer can not grow in a high ph environment, and nurses have used this idea whilst treating numerous cancer patients with a 9/10 result. Natural salt over table salt is a start, other 'PH Uppers' are baking soda and the right amount of acidic fruits as they are said to alkalize the body, things like lemon have been recommended, also detoxifying the body can bring a low PH back to a balanced point. Of course there is much debate around the whole subject, but there have been Testimonies upon Testimonies

upon Testomonies

Unfortunately the Gerson Institute removed a fairly detailed video explaining the therapy, so I'll summarise; Leffy, green fresh Organic produce from health store or farm, juiced in expensive juicer with seperate grinder and press, do not use blender but use press, any left over pulp will limit the amount someone can drink, drink loads of it carrot and Kale are great, they recomend staying away from anything spicy or strong like Ginger or pepper and also they prohibit meat. It's a vegitable flush and should continue for two years, drinking massive amounts of vegitable juice preppared at home. Gerson Institute.

Coconut Oil

This one is new to me but seems to have an ongoing list of benefits, please research this yourself and as usual you should quite quickly find that it must be Organic Oil of the highest quality to get best effects. This is just one video, there are many more benefits. For those in the UK I can recommend Real Food Source. It should be said for those that don't know, never let an oil smoke, 121 C is commonly thought to be top temp for olive oil, some say higher, depends on quality. Although expensive, remember good food makes great gifts as do natural hygiene products.

Vitamin tablets

I think you know what I am going to say.... Dont do it unless vital, good quality produce, sunshine and a stable and happy environment should give you all the vitamins you need, synthetic vitamins tend to simulate their desired effect at first but soon do more harm than good, the natural counterpart i.e. Fruit, Veg, good quality food, have both short term and long term benefits, rarely any negative effect. Also synthetic vitamins need a good environment to work, most containers express use with a healthy diet. If your diet is healthy you do not need them.

Similarly I would tend to stay clear of the weight gain products.

Eat Well Eat Halal

Although there seems to be bias in the below report, I believe it is still somewhat accurate.

The Halal standard comes from the way of slaughter recorded in the Bible, it is the same way my Jamaican uncle would slaughter an animal and has been done for thousands of years, however as the world has become more industrialized the standard of traditional slaughter has dropped to a level of shame whereby the rules are not being kept even at the best of times.

If you already know a good place to get your meat and you trust where they get theirs, by all means carry on buying there, the reason I would recommend Halal is the pre-slaughter conditions and also those tax reasons. Halal is a traditional standard unto itself, it is less likely to experiment with new technologies that could have downsides and it is generally cheaper whilst being better quality (not full of water), other meat sold in the EU must come up to the EU standard, I don't trust the EU's sensibility, I just hope they do not follow America's example, spraying meat with live viruses to kill bacteria, if you watch the report below I am sure you will agree there is a better way.

It should be said that the majority of Halal slaughter houses could make simple improvements to better abide by the standards set and that Muhammad, peace be upon him, would not be happy with the majority of slaughters today.

Please watch till the very end (or skip to it), the end is (for me) the best part. Remember it is good to give thanks and praise for food.

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