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This site has been set up to; ask for and provide aid in the pursuit of justice.

We all know of the innocence of a baby and yet we see so much corruption from the leaders of the world, it seems living in this world, and being groomed in a close handed manner has perverse effects on people.

Much information has been kept from people, people have been discouraged from independent thought and have been mislead, for many this has allowed for an 'established' world view that is not complete and in fact is at times knowingly wrong.

I'm glad you're still reading there is much to share with you, little gems of information, some of it you already know, some of it you may find hard to believe. We would not have made this site had we not believed we have a good view of a picture larger than what we see others looking at so please, keep an open mind and have a good browse through, we hope you find it useful.

If you feel moved to, please give a small donation it will be used for just cause not admin or salery, thank you.

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