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If you have not watched the program then we might lose you here a bit, however Zeitgeist was a professionally made trio of films explaining to the masses how we have been manipulated over time. However I continue the warning I was given in 2007, 'There will be one that comes that gives all that is wrong with the world and will offer one option to solve the problem and people will go for it, do not go for it.'

The more I think about this Zeitgeist, the more I realise something is wrong, yes it's a long film, this would explain everybody in the room falling asleep whilst watching it, it would have, had I not have already been suspicious and clocked everybodys energy levels before watching it, one and a half hours later 5 others were snoring and I was struggling to stay awake, I was only so determined to stay awake because I was concerned how I fell asleep half way through first time I watched it. The one subject Zeitgeist doesn't go into is brain washing, although it does say about conditioning, brain washing is a different, more hypnotic and instant thing.

Zeitgeist make some pretty large claims, one is that because the story of Yhwshi (Yah-hwah-sh-eye, Jesus) has been repeated in the past it must be false. This argument is weak, many things have happened before, like rain and it can still happen tomorrow, similarly, the universe can be seen as made up out of cycles e.g. sleep cycle, sleep/wake cycle, months by the moon, years, Jupiter being perceived Red or White ect. Remember the similarities of Horus and Jesus have been criticized as speculative and primarily based on the work of Massey and Kuhn with little reference to original sources, also Zeitgeist makes special effort to explain how the Bible refers to astrological events, which is true but they use this fact to hide the truth that what is true one place in nature is true everywhere in nature, the old alchemists had the saying 'What happens above happens below'.

In the case of Zeitgeist's argument it shows they are not really helping us to understand the interconnectivity of nature, rather they are denying it by saying what happens above does not effect or reflect what happens below, this is a lie. Just ask yourself; 'Does the moon effect the tides?', well it's a similar idea.

What we can see from this, is that a Zeitgeist society, although it looks good on the surface would be a society without love and understanding of The Father or even natural law or knowledge of cosmic harmonics and therefore would fail horribly... You have been warned, do not fall into their trap, they give plenty of truth for sure but they also make some very big mistakes. It's worth noting they insult the idea that 'The Devil' mimics that of the Divine, I can prove, that in fact this relates to truth in so many ways but the quickest is just two words 'HAARP' and 'Monsantos'.

Finally, don't let anybody persuade you away from God (Even corrupt religions) unless you have spent time seeking/understanding him for yourself, give yourself a chance before coming to their conclusions. Remember also Einstein, Tesla and yes even DARWIN had great reverence for a higher power! (This is what I have to say on the matter anyway).

Did you see this on Zeitgeist? Watch at least till 2:20

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