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We here hope that all those who have got caught up with addiction, may still find faith in the heavenly Father, please if you do not take
addictive substances, don't start, it's not fun, it's usually a constant stress in life.

He's a Nutt, a Dr Nutt (Hero of the people for the people, Hero of science, him and his committee, thanks)

Ladies and Gents: Dr Tod Mikuriya (one to listen too rather than watch)

I believe that the best result would be both of the below sides working together. Perhaps a rehab program encouraging work or arts with the power of divinity involved.

Here is what any real doctor comes to realise after years of experience, most don't want to admit it, the best doctors know and do what they can (doesn't start till 3minutes in)

The following two characters look cute, have an annoying voice but speak the truth. (Don't forget Giving thanks to The Father is most important and may allow for all nasties to just pass through, have faith).

Might not want to watch this as it flickers and I am not fond of the language or presentation, the pokemon seizure bit is interesting (around 20:06:30 - 20:17:10) I just listened to bits of it and do not hold it in the highest of esteem but there is truth there.

We at AnonymousIntellect.com would like to thank everybody that has spoke their truth and those that have helped us personally, Thank You.

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