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Im not going to say I am against their cause (of course not) but be careful as the people in power need to control both sides of a battle and are liable to set up this type of group, using all their normal symbology like the 'Investor(s) in People' logo, so as they can continue to control and infiltrate those who are ready to take a stand whilst those who think they are standing for what is right get lead down a wrong path. Their signs are not 'just ironic' they are Occult/Voodoo/WitchCraft, whatever you want to call them, they affect our symbiotic mind and have what would be referred to as the influence of demons, they either know this or are ignorant to it. This either shows a lack of knowledge or a controlled use of it, to get a better idea of how this stuff works you first need to UNDERSTAND FIG 11 on the progressive awareness page. There is much more to understand but I will leave you to do your own research. These signs and symbols should not be used. (just my opinion of course but trying wearing a mask, it changes you a lil', we need to steady ourselves, not become a mask).

My evaluation of Anonymous - I don't know them, I don't trust them, there is too much symbology for my liking, I am concerned how their first video's (that I could find) had only 17 views (accurate 10/02/14), surely they would have been excited and shown their friends, surely this is where their revolution started, 17 views in 4 years, from an international group of people, they must have had more than 5 guys involved at the start if they only told 4 people it would be more than this, now it's only fair to say I could be missing something, feel free to correct me but I think somethings up.

The idea of being legion (if you check Scriptures, is to be full of demons, to not forgive is inline with this, oh yeah and 'We Are Legion' is a well known Satanic phrase, don't believe me hear it from the horse's mouth half way down every page on the right hand side, (don't get bought into their lies, they think they are the highest form of consciousness lol, they think they are Gods ). Church Of Satan Official Site.

Don't protest against a ban on feeding the homeless, just feed em, don't be scared, don't cause a ruckus, don't play their game. Follow your instinct and follow your wisdom, thanks for reading.

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